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What is I&RS?
Intervention and Referral Services, also known to many as I&RS, is an interdisciplinary team of professionals within the school environment who come together throughout the school year to formulate coordinated services and team delivery systems to address the full range of student learning, behavior, social, and health problems in the general education program as well as for students determined in need of special education programs and services.  The goal of the committee is to see student improvement in targeted areas.
I&RS Team
Lenore Kingsmore- Principal, Committee Administrator
Scott Isaacs - SAC
Rachel DeWyngaert - School Counselor
Jenna Fleming - School Counselor
Jessica Porter - Teacher Representative
Brian Rooney - Teacher Representative
Karen Tay - CST Representative
Amy Marsh - School Nurse
  • An Initial Request For Assistance form must be filled out if a student continues to have difficulties despite efforts made to address the student’s needs in the classroom.  
  • Parent Questionnaire will be sent home along with an official I&RS Invitation to attend the next meeting that their child will be discussed.  If parent/guardian does not have access to a computer, a paper form will be mailed home with invitation.  
  • I&RS committee will ask the student to fill out a Self Assessment. 
  • Each of the student’s teachers will be required to fill out a Teacher Evaluation form to help the committee understand the student’s strengths and weakness.  Ms. DeWyngaert or Ms. Fleming will email all teachers with a link to the evaluation form prior to next I&RS meeting. 
  • I&RS committee will ask that all documentation is returned a few days prior the the next meeting so members have time to review.  
  • After reviewing the students at the meeting, the I&RS committee will create an Action Plan. 
  • Action Plan will be reviewed at the next meeting to see which strategies worked and what still needs to be improved.