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Scott Isaacs, Student assistance coordinator

Graduated from Indiana University in 1987 B.A. in Criminal Justice. Alcohol and Drug counselor/supervisor for in-patient and out-patient program 1988-1995. Started at HHRS in 1995 as Substance Abuse Specialist. Recieved Substance Awareness Coordinator certificate in 2002. N.J. Certified Prevention Specialist 2005

I&RS Information      732-872-0900  EXT. 2040
Sources of Strength.   A suicide prevention program designed to identify and enhance one's personal and environmental assets to prevent suicide.  Meetings run concurrently with S.A.D.D. meetings.  See Mr. Isaacs or Mr. Stabile for details. 
Students against destructive decisions.  For meeting information, please see Mr. Isaacs or Mr. Stabile.