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 Superintendent Dr. Tara Beams 
 Business Administrator Janet Sherlock 732-872-0900 Ext. 2005
 Principal Kevin McCarthy 732-872-0900 Ext. 2023
 Vice Principal/Athletic Director Eric Pritchard Ext. 732-872-0900 Ext. 2024
 Curriculum Director  Maureen Rexer 732-872-0900 Ext. 2054
 Supervisor of Special Services  Dr. Denise Lombardi 732-291-3205
 Support Staff  Henry Hudson Support Staff!
 Technology Department  Randy Wilson 732-872-0900 Ext. 2040
 Principal Assistant / Main Office Contact [email protected]
 Vice Principal / Athletics and Attendance Assistant [email protected]
 Counseling Office [email protected]
 Nurse [email protected]