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Overview of Pupil Personnel Service

Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) are an integral part of our total education program at Henry Hudson. It has been organized for the purpose of helping all students achieve the maximum benefits from the school program. Pupil Personnel Services although comprehensive in scope, works as a team to provide those services that can enhance and improve your child’s educational experience and opportunities.
At Henry Hudson PPS are composed of the following departments:
  1. Guidance-
The guidance department has one main purpose:
Some of those services include:
Academic assessment
Counseling – including academic, career and personal counseling
Providing scholarship and financial aid information and
2.Child Study Team – (CST)
The team is comprised of three members:
  • School Social Worker,
  • Learning Consultant, and
  • School Psychologist.
The Child Study Team provides supportive services as well as case management and coordination of the development, monitoring and evaluative effectiveness of programs for classified students.
3. Athletic Department
Henry Hudson offers a full range of extra-curricular activities and sports programs.
4. Substance Awareness Program
We have a Substance Awareness Coordinator and Substance Abuse Specialist at Henry Hudson. They are available to all students and parents with any concerns regarding drug and alcohol abuse and use.
5. Nursing Services
Henry Hudson has a full time registered nurse on staff.
Our school nurse serves the students at Hudson , not only as a nurse, but sometimes as a counselor, mentor, and Pupil Assistance Committee member.