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Stakeholder Survey

Dear Admiral Parents,
            As part of Henry Hudson’s continual commitment to growth and improvement, we are currently in the process of renewing our Middle States Accreditation. This process, which will continue through early Spring of 2022, will be a critical time of self-assessment for our school.  It will provide us with both a venue to highlight the many wonderful aspects of Henry Hudson Regional and a vehicle to help us to continue to grow as an institution. States Accreditation affirms that a school provides a quality of education that the community has a right to expect and the education world endorses.
To begin the self-study process, we will be working in the coming weeks to survey all members of the school community to measure the degree of success we have made in reaching those goals. To this end, three surveys will be administered: a student, staff, and parent survey.
Survey data will be one of several sources of information used in determining the Student Performance Objectives of the Middle States Committee. In this survey, you are asked to rate our school on how well it meets the Standards for Accreditation of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The school must meet the 12 Standards for Accreditation to be granted “Accreditation” by the Middle States Association.
As you complete the survey, please rate each Indicator based on your personal knowledge of and experience with our school. If you do not have sufficient knowledge or experience to rate an Indicator, you may leave the response blank. To allow us to grow most effectively, the Middle States Committee has asked that if you rate a Standard either PARTIALLY MEETS or DOES NOT MEET, that you take the time to provide the reason for your rating in the “Comments” section for that Standard.
We look forward to working with you to ensure the best educational experiences for our Henry Hudson Regional students. Thank you for your time and continual support of Henry Hudson.
Lenore Kingsmore
Henry Hudson Regional High School
Shawn Feeney
Social Studies Educator
Middle States Coordinator