About Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson Regional
1 Grand Tour
Highlands, NJ 07732
Telephone: 732-872-0900
Fax: 732-708-1409

Henry Hudson Regional School is located on the hill adjacent to Twin Lights State Park in Highlands, New Jersey, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Gateway National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook.

This school district serves the towns of Atlantic Highlands and Highlands and students in grades seven through twelve. On this site you can check the sports schedules, school calendar, or browse around the site.

If you are an alumni of Henry Hudson and would like to keep in touch, please visit our Alumni Page.


The Board of Education of the Henry Hudson Regional School District is committed to the philosophy and ideals of American democracy. Accordingly, it is committed to helping each pupil grow in his/her understanding, in his/her appreciation and in his/her participation in democracy as a way of life. Therefore, the school must nurture a willingness on the part of the pupil to accept his/her responsibilities as a citizen. These responsibilities include: interest in local, national and international affairs, discriminating attitudes toward social, political, and economic forces and respect for individual and social differences.

Mission Statement

To foster an inclusive community that promotes diversity of thought and experience in an achievement-oriented environment and prepares students to thrive as confident, critical thinkers.

  • To develop self-esteem and character
  • To communicate effectively
  • To think critically to solve problems
  • To learn respect for cultural differences
  • To work cooperatively with others