Class Requirements




CLASS: Middle School Seminar


E-MAIL:  [email protected]


MISSION STATEMENT:  The mission of Henry Hudson Regional School is to offer a curriculum that fosters high academic achievement and prepares individuals to succeed in a changing technological society.


Students will be provided the opportunity through school and community partnership activities:


            ·  To develop self-esteem and character


            ·  To communicate effectively


            ·  To think critically to solve problems


            ·  To learn respect for cultural differences


            ·  To work cooperatively with others



COURSE PHILOSOPHY:  This course is designed to prepare students for success in their classes.


COURSE OBJECTIVES:  The objectives of this are to teach character education, financial literacy and research and study skills.





This is a pass/fail class.  Students will be graded on their class participation, class work and their projects.  Students will be graded daily and grades will be entered in the gradebook weekly.












·  Students are to be prepared with pens/pencils.


·  Appropriate behavior is expected of all students.


·  Students are required to participate in class discussion.


  • Students are expected to take notes during class.


  • Backpacks are not permitted in class.


  • Students are expected to be punctual to class.Tardiness will not be accepted and will result in teacher detentions.


  • Student cell phone use is not permitted in class, unless permitted by the teacher.


  • While working in groups, students are expected to be working with their group members in a positive and respectful way.If a student cannot positively participate in the group activity, they will be removed from the group and will complete the remainder of the activity independently.





EXTRA HELP:  will be provided after school in room 102 on Thursdays.  The students must make arrangements in advance.