Support Staff

Board Of Education Staff Members

 Mr. Ralph W. Barth Assistant to the Superintendent/HR Coordinator
Ext. 1
[email protected]
 Mrs. Kate Sharkey Assistant to the BA/Transportation Coordinator
Ext. 1105
[email protected]

 Mrs. Carolyn Polo Assistant to the Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Ext. 2054
[email protected]

 Mrs. Lillian Colby Student Services Secretary
Ext. 15
[email protected] 

 Mrs. Tracey Cavanagh  Bookeeper
Ext. 2009
[email protected]

 Ms. Christine Burke Payroll Clerk
Ext. 2003
[email protected]

 Mr. Randy Wilson  Network Administrator
Ext. 4151
[email protected]

Henry Hudson Regional School Support Staff Staff Members

 Mrs. Rosetta Arce Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Ext. 2059
[email protected]
 Mrs. Paige Davis Administrative Assistant to Dean of Students/Athletics
Ext. 2024
[email protected]

 Ms. Elizabeth DeFries Administrative Assistant to Guidance
Ext. 2055
[email protected]