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Hudson going to  NJSBA STEAM Tank Finals

Hudson going to NJSBA STEAM Tank Finals

Henry Hudson Regional School Team Headed to the NJSBA STEAM Tank Finals in Atlantic City, New Jersey!

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2018-2019 Assessment Schedule

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December Board Meeting Room Change

The December 12, 2018 Board of Education Meeting will be held in the music room.

Mrs. Kingsmore

A message from the principal

Henry Hudson Regional School is nestled atop a steep hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Highlands, NJ. This unique 7-12 school provides a rich selection of electives while also cultivating a rigorous curriculum highlighted by many Advanced Placement and honors courses in all major core content areas. The middle school offers Algebra I and Geometry Honors to students who are gifted in mathematics while also offering an Enrichment program in Language Arts and Science. The Science enrichment curriculum presents the students with STEM/STEAM problem-based learning opportunities with access to a Makerspace. Students often utilize the shoreline of Sandy Hook to explore nature and examine changes in the environment. Students who have an interest in the STEM/STEAM curriculum can apply to the STEM/STEAM Academy in 8th grade for high school. A teacher dedicated to the Academy serves as an instructor and mentor to the students for their four years in the Academy. With all of the math, science, engineering and art opportunities, students can select a pathway that interests them the most and engage in a Junior/Senior project with access to internships and experimentation. Students in the first Academy cohort were selected to compete in the regional competition of STEAM TANK provided by NJ School Boards and US ARMY. In 2017 Game Design and Development, math elective, was recognized by District Administration for a National Tech Xcellence Award.

Henry Hudson is also known for its’ amazing performing arts and music program. The marching band has competed for the past seven years and placed first in most of the competitions being recognized for their sound and talents. Students marched down Main Street USA in Walt Disney World in Spring 2017, having been selected by WDW. The theater program was just recognized by the Count Basie Theater at their coveted “Basie Awards” for providing a great show while also receiving an “Outstanding Actress in Musical” Award and “Outstanding Student/Adult Orchestra” in a show. These programs are also supported by electives in music and theater. Students who are gifted artistically can take art for four years culminating in a portfolio submitted for adjudication through AP Studio Art. These programs are enhanced by a Digital Video Production program that airs a live show daily for students and staff. Students have been recognized throughout the world for their film making skills and have received a gold, bronze and silver medal in Broadcast News Production through SKILLS USA competitions.

Athletics at HHRS is highlighted by a philosophy of “all are welcome” and coaches work hard to teach and cultivate a love of game and good sportsmanship. MS and HS teams have won many championships with the MS Softball Team recently named Division Champions in 2018.

HHRS is unique; it is a private school in a public school setting! Students receive personalized attention from a talented staff and administration dedicated to creating a home-like atmosphere. This is capstoned by a nationally recognized therapy dog program which assists students with special needs and emotional problems. “Hudson” attends school daily helping students feel good about themselves and learning. HHRS is also proud of its principal who was named “ NJ Visionary Leader of the Year in 2016 and 2016 POY State Principal of the Year for NASSP”.

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