20 Alumni Posts (Updated 3/23/08)

Adams (Gaskill), Janice
Went on the web-site trying to locate someone, and almost wet my pants, looking at all the people who I forgot about after so many years! You all sound the same after so many years! I just moved this past August to Alabama with my husband Tim, daughters Ashley (13) and Samantha (9), and dog Reno (5). (Yes, we all still have our teeth!) Doing great, moved down the street from my brother Mike and sister-in-law, Karen Waters, but there's no place like home!

Carr (Santee) Rosemary
Married to Richard. Mom to Erica(13), Brandon(10) and Ryan (2).
I am a Peer Contact/ Patient Coordinator for the IDF Foundation for the entire state of NJ, Washington DC and Maryland.. When Im not traveling here, there and everywhere, I live in Middletown, NJ. Email me if you have the chance, would love to hear from you.

Cownie (McGrath), Maureen
(Updated 3/23/08)
How is everyone? What's new? Live in Ma. with husband and 2 girls.

Fligor (McAfee), Denise
Just moved back to the states from the Island of Guam....Living in beautiful Rhode Island with my husband of 16 yrs. and 3 children 14,12,and 5. I spend my time at home raising our children and volunteering for
various organizations. Looking forward to the next reunion. Looking forward to the next reunion. Missed the last one due to traveling. E-mail me....I think most people fell off the face of the earth!

Hennessey (Swanton), Cynthia

Hoffman, Nancy

Hillmann (Lorincie), Jacqueline
Married and raising three sons. Working in the Henry Hudson Guidance Office.Life is good. When is our reunion?

Lynch, John

Marte (Roberts), Christine
Hi Just found the site and am so excited.
I moved to NY State after 9th grade.It's nice to see so many familiar names. I'm married with 2 girls and just moved to Louisiana. If you remember me please write.

Nowaczyk (Halleran), Kathleen
Hey how is everyone? still living in Illinois with my husband Ron and our 5 children Kimberly 17,A.J. 13,Matthew12, Daniel6 and John2 I am a stay at home mom i still keep in contact with Cindy Swanton Hennessey ,Rosemary Santee Carr, and Sandee Schnoor Nixon who ever wants to chat drop me a line aways great to here from old classmates, my daughter Kimberly is a senior this year and will be going to college to become a teacher

Papa, Ron (Updated 3/23/08)
Hey people whats up? Im living in North Jersey with Wendy, my wife of 5 years, and our Pug, Buddy Lee. Parlayed a successful 5 year college career at Montclair State into a lucrative position at the POST OFFICE!..lol Drop me a line if ya get the chance. Seee yaaaa

Roen, Glenn 
Hi everyone. Have spent the last 15.5 years in the US Army. Married in '92 to Laura (14.5 years US Army). We have 9 year old twins, Eric and Leeann. May not be able to get to the reunion due to deployment to Iraq. Will miss you all...(heartbreaker). I think of you all often, people wonder why I'm snickering. Good times - GR

Rogers, Joseph J.

Spillane (Bradley), Shannon 
Hi everyone! Let me hear from you! Living in San Francisco. I'm divorced (no kiddies) and for the past 4 years. Alum please contact me

(previous message) Married to Steve, no children. We live in San Francisco. I have been out here for 7 years now. My family still lives in Atlantic and I get home about once a year. Looking forward to the reunion in August. Steve is a pilot in the Air Force and is currently deployed to Turkey so hopefully he will be back real soon.

Stuart (Michalcik), Patti
Living with my husband and 2 children in Alamagordo, NM

Thompson(Murphy), Allison
Timmy Woods, you crack me up w/that message!! I'm married, living in Lexington, KY on a Thoroughbred Farm (surprise, surprise!) I work in marketing at the National Thoroughbred Racing Association. Have a 14 month old boy, a horse, two dogs and too many cats! Write me - I miss NJ. Come to KY for the Derby - it's very fun!

Taylor, Pierce

Whitaker (Bartelt), Nancy
I'd love to hear from old friends.

Wicklund, Mike
Live in Shrewsbury,NJ with Wife and two boys.

Woods, Tim
By the looks of the limited number of '83 Grads appearing on this site, maybe we should be looking in the Post Offices and the backs of milk cartons.

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