To Register for a sport, all athletes along with their parent/guardian must complete all of the appropriate forms online.
(no paper registrations will be accepted).
The annual Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form and the Health History Update Questionnaire can be downloaded and must be handed into the SCHOOL NURSE. (These forms are also available at Henry Hudson Regional Guidance Office) All other forms will now be completed online with our new online registration system.

Any questions please call athletics at 732 872-0900 ext 2024.


2019-2020 Sports Physical Information Reminder

Private physicals are not cleared until it is reviewed by the school physician, as required by law. You will receive notification of clearance or if any additional information is needed for clearance. 

The physical deadlines are for ALL ATHLETES for the winter season is 11/1/2019

2019-2020 SEASONS

High School Winter Sports Registration is now open.   No Student-Athlete will be able to participate without proper registration. 

Before a student/athlete may Try-out, Practice, Scrimmage and/or Participate in a Game,The items below must be satisfied – NO Exceptions!

  1. All students must register online and hand in their preparticipation physical evaluation and/or Health History Questionnaire form(s) to the School Nurse.
  2. All students must meet academic requirements.
  3. To begin participation on a sport team a student must be cleared by the Principal and/or the Dean of Students/Athletics.

NJSIAA Credit Rule The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association credit requirements are as follows: 

1. To be eligible for athletic competition during the first semester (September 1 to January 31) of the 10th grade or higher, or the second year of attendance at the secondary school or beyond, a pupil must have passed 25% of the credits (30) required by the State of New Jersey for graduation (120), during the immediately preceding academic year.

2. To be eligible for athletic competition during the second semester (Feb. 1 to June 30) of the 9th grade or higher, a pupil must have passed the equivalent of 12.5% of the credits (15) required by New Jersey for graduation (120) at the close of the preceding semester (Jan 31). Full-year courses shall be equated as one-half of the total credits to be gained for the full year to determine credits passed during the immediately preceding semester.

This rule applies to all students in grades 10-12 at Henry Hudson Regional School. Students entering grade 9 shall be eligible for fall and winter sports based on promotion from grade 8. Students in grade 9 must be passing 30 credits to be eligible for spring sports.

Preparticipation Forms and Health History Questionnaire are available online.


Student athletes may not compete on a team if they are not academically eligible. Athletes are to abide by the following rules:

  1. Attend all practices. Be dressed and ready before practice starts. If unable to attend, see or call your coach beforehand.
  2. Be ready for games on time.
  3. All players must be transported by the team bus unless the student has a valid reason, note from parent/ guardian and the player RECEIVES permission from the administration.
  4. Conduct on and off the field/court reflects on the team and school. Dress appropriately for away games. Players are expected to follow the state and conference rules. Any student who violates a school rule that results in suspension will not be permitted to participate in activities the date(s) of the suspension(s).
  5. Use of illegal substances will result in expulsion or suspension from the team.
  6. Take care of equipment and uniforms.
  7. Comply with NJ Executive Order 72, which gives consent to random steroid testing for all individual players on teams qualifying for state championship tournaments or competitions.


Vincent Esposito
732-872-0900 x2041


 Secretary to the AD:
Maria Graziano
732-872-0900 x2024

Athletic Trainer:
Steven Chen