Leah Cocco

Hello! I'm Ms. Cocco

I'm very excited to be back for my second year at Henry Hudson Regional! I graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelors of Science in Biology and received my Masters of Arts in Teaching from The College of New Jersey. This year I'm teaching Biology, Environmental Science, Forensic Science and one class of 7th Grade Science. 

My extra help day is Thursdays after school.

I can be reached at LCocco@henryhudsonreg.k12.nj.us for any questions relating to my classes.

Here is a link to where I'll be posting a list of homework assignments in all of my classes. Due dates are subject to change based on what happens in class that day, but I'll be trying to keep it as up to date as possible as the year progresses.

Below are the class codes for Google Classroom for my 4 classes.